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Allstate Technology and Data Manager Discusses How Montage Helps Increase Efficiency

Michelle Schroeder, Technology and Data Manager for Allstate, shares how Montage video and voice interviewing have streamlined the prescreening process. She discusses the time savings earned by reducing scheduling challenges and how ATS integration has created fluidity in their hiring process.


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Michelle Schroeder from Allstate Insurance Company in Talent Acquisition. I am the technology and data manger.

So we've been using Montage since 2014. We did an extended pilot for the majority of the year. We wanted to make sure we were able to bring in the new technology and really adopt it from an internal perspective. So we had a very successful pilot. Some great feedback from some strong recruiting users, some strong hiring leaders as well. Montage actually partners with us to complete surveys from a candidate perspective as well so we can make sure that candidates are adopting to the technology just as well as we are.

I think some of the strongest results that we've seen outside of the usual, you're saving time on travel between the time and money. Our recruiters all need to do prescreens on every candidate that we bring through to the interview process. And those prescreens can average anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes per candidate. So I think one of the benefits that we realized was we don't have to schedule and reschedule those prescreens anymore. We now are able to provide a convenience to the candidates as well as to the recruiter as they start going through there. So we've realized a lot of time efficiencies as well.

We use Success Factors as our applicant tracking system. And in partnering with Montage, we were able to integrate the two tools so we can have our recruiters working within a single system or as seamlessly as possible between the two. So as we incorporated Montage into the previous prescreening process, we've actually made it possible for recruiters to track a candidate's status and automatically invite them to an on demand interview. It's really just become a natural flow through the process, and then as soon as that interview is done, that recruiter can see what that status is. We can link up to that interview. So again, even they're moving between two systems, it's become very fluid.

I think as you start getting farther down in the process as well, we have a lot of similar jobs that are posted, and it's really nice to share that efficiency. So even though an applicant has completed a prescreen for one position that they've applied for, a couple months down the road another recruiter might have a very similar opening and be able to leverage that same interview or that same prescreen that a candidate has already conducted.

We recruit for call center reps. We were able to use one of the voice features that Montage offers, and it's turned into a realistic job preview for those candidates as well.

I think, in general, it has helped us from a branding perspective. It has helped reinforce that Allstate doesn't have to be this traditional insurance company that everybody expects it to be. We're definitely able to use this to show that we're trying to modernize everything that we're trying to do.

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