video Case study: Capital One

How Capital One uses Montage to elevate its brand and candidate experience

Chris Hester, Director of Talent Acquisition Operations for Capital One, shares how Montage allows its team to quickly engage candidates in a high-touch, high-tech hiring process.


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My name is Chris Hester. I am with Capital One Financial. I manage our talent acquisition operations.

As Capital One evolves into a technology bank, we need to be on the cutting edge and associates really, really need to feel empowered at work. But our candidates need to know that as well before they even step in the door. So I would say that is probably my biggest imperative or initiative if I had to look at the top three, is focusing on new emerging technologies. How do you integrate? How do you make a candidate or a prospect's life resemble what they may experience when they get in the door? But also it experiences what they may see every day of their life.

People are very anxious I think about any time you are on camera. And so that concierge service right up front, I think, gives a candidate maybe a sense of calm. Maybe it's a reassuring sort of feeling of, "Oh, okay. I feel like I'm being guided and I'm being counseled and I've got some support as I go to this process." It doesn't feel arbitrary. 
It doesn't feel entirely like you're in a room on a reality TV show, you know, filming your response. I think you feel like it's an experience from start to finish. And that really was the driving reason behind the move to Montage but also where we're trying to go with our overall experience.

I feel with our candidates, some of the new technologies, the video interviewing, has allowed us to get back to them much sooner. So they're not waiting around for a phone call. They're not actually waiting to know where they might be in the next step. It certainly has allowed that process to move a little faster and they're clicking along through the process with frequent updates. It is, while it may seem less touch, it actually has led to higher tough. Because you can pull some of the folks out of the initial screens into actually then engaging with individuals that really have met some of the key criteria up front.

For the candidates, what has baffled me as I've seen us now move more into this space and expand our video interviewing sort of reach, it's really positive. It does help to change the perception of our brand. If we're saying that we are a technology-oriented financial institution but we're not leveraging technologies, they're at odds with each other.

That is absolutely the most important thing to me is that constant innovation. And I feel like we have that.

It's the partnership, it's the communication, the innovation and frankly, just good people. And at the end of the day, if I wanna hire the best people, I wanna be working with the best people to help enable that process.

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