Automated scheduling provides flexible and innovative interviewing solutions

Global courier delivery service company improves interview success with Montage.

As a division of one of the world’s largest global logistics companies, this organization connects millions of people and businesses throughout the US and Canada. With 95,000-plus team members handling more than 7.5 million packages every day, speed and efficiency are at its core.

Bringing speed and efficiency to interviews

Keeping the company’s commitment to customers during the holiday season requires a sizable initiative to hire tens of thousands of package handlers. With nearly 200,000 annual applicants, engaging and qualifying these candidates was no easy task. Within a 4-month period, the hiring team would need to contact and schedule a phone interview with as many applicants as possible. On average, it took 6 days for a recruiter to make contact with a candidate. When all was said and done, only 53% of applicants ended up being interviewed.

In order to bring the same speed and efficiency to its hiring as it did to its package handling, the team turned to the Montage scheduling solution.

As part of the application, candidates were asked if they wanted to be contacted by email or phone. Candidates who chose email automatically received an invitation to self-schedule their interview by choosing from a listing of available dates and times. Each location pre-set its interview availability at the beginning of the hiring process, which meant candidates could simply click on the date and time that worked best for them. If candidates didn’t select a time, a reminder was automatically sent after 24 hours.

Results and expansion

Nearly 80,000 candidates selected to be contacted by email and received the self-schedule invitation. Out of these candidates, 66% of them selected an interview time within 24 hours – a huge improvement over the previous period of 6 days. In addition, the team was able to schedule interviews with 68% of its total applicants, an improvement of 15% over the previous year.

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