Educating and Engaging Candidates Into a New Brand with Interviewing Technology


Northwell Health has a simple goal: Be better off tomorrow than we are today. But with more than 60,000 employees, one million annual applicants and 10,000 annual hires, managing to this goal in the talent acquisition department has its challenges. Northwell Health is a complex system with multiple companies and divisions – 22 hospitals, a research institute, insurance company, nursing and medical school, home care company and more – and its employees are responsible for caring for patients and a community of more than 8 million people.

In short, Northwell Health is a healthcare provider with:

  • Complex system with hospitals, patient facilities and physician practices, research institute, insurance company and more
  • More than 60,000 employees and 10,000 annual hires
  • Cares for patients and a community of more than 8 million people

"Recruiting in healthcare isn’t easy, we’re all competing for really good talent. So I challenge everyone to use video interviewing because I’m going to be!”
- Mary Comerford-Hewitt, AVP of Talent Acquisition for Northwell Health

Business Concerns

Regardless of the numbers, the candidate and hiring leader experience needs to align to the organization’s four pillars – patient satisfaction, employee engagement, innovation and wellness. The talent acquisition team was also faced with significant branding challenges. First, the company has recently rebranded from North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System to Northwell Health – candidates were simply not aware of the name change and what Northwell represented. Second, the team was recruiting for 22 different hospitals, each with its own branding and messaging. Combine these branding challenges with a competitive healthcare environment and the desire to bring innovation to its hiring process, and the Northwell TA team needed a change.

The team needed to address these critical issues:

  • Recent rebranding effort meant candidates and the community weren’t aware of what Northwell Health represented
  • One team recruiting for numerous hospitals, all with their own branding
  • Need to bring innovation to the hiring process


To meet these challenges, Northwell brought Montage on-demand video interviewing into its hiring process. Knowing the challenges brought on by one million applicants, the Northwell team used the Montage platform to focus on its branding and messaging. “One of the things we are trying to do is be innovative in how we engage with our candidates,” said Comerford-Hewitt. “With Montage, they have a branded experience about who we are. We’re using hiring leaders and others to ask the questions and tell the candidate a little bit about what it’s like to work at Northwell.”

Similar to most healthcare organizations, Northwell regularly recruits for a number of high volume positions. As part of the hiring process, the team would schedule interview days where hiring leaders would interview multiple candidates. Now, those candidates are asked to complete an on-demand video interview. “Candidates have already been screened by the recruiters as qualified, capable, and a good fit. This gives the hiring leads more confidence in the candidates they interview and choose from, because they’re already pre-screened,” said Comerford-Hewitt.

The team also saw an opportunity to improve the hiring process for its Health Management Program internship with on-demand video interviewing. “We identified 500 students that we wanted to approach, and we sent them the link to Montage. We used the virtual foyer to give them an overview of the program,” explained Comerford-Hewitt. “It enabled us to identify the top 100 in a pretty quick timeframe. We were able to do panel interviews using Montage with some of the senior leadership to get it down to the top 20. So that was a big win and everybody, really, was very pleased with it.”


This healthcare provider met urgent, high-volume hiring challenges quickly:

  • Improvements in speed, efficiency and consistent messaging across Northwell Health
  • Demonstrated innovation to candidates and executive team
  • Increased flexibility for candidates, recruiters and hiring leaders

Northwell has seen improvements in speed, efficiency, consistent messaging and more by bringing Montage into its hiring process. “Looking at the internship program, it really showed the students how innovative we were,” said Comerford-Hewitt. “It was something different that a lot of people weren’t doing, and that’s one of our pillars.”

Hiring leaders have praised the technology’s efficiency, and how it gives them additional flexibility by being able to review candidate submissions at any time, from anywhere. The executive search team has found that live video interviewing can be particularly effective for its efforts as well, giving them an additional opportunity to meet candidates face to face before making that final determination about who to bring in for interviews.

“I’m excited. Going forward, organizations need to be innovative and flexible. Think of nurses that work nights. They’re not interviewing that great at 9:00 AM in the morning. And my recruiters don’t want to interview them at night. Montage enables us to really leverage that innovation and flexibility,” said Comerford-Hewitt. “Recruiting in healthcare isn’t easy, we’re all competing for really good talent. So I challenge everyone to use video interviewing because I’m going to be!”

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