Candidates Complete Interview in Minutes, Not Days

A proven leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry, the third largest national health insurance provider serves more than 13 million customers with a wide range of needs, from senior to military to self-employed. By staying passionate about people, choice, well-being, and innovation, the team strives to provide exceptional service and timely communication.

Find Better Candidates, Faster

Hundreds of thousands of annual candidates bring numerous challenges for a talent acquisition team. The same can be said when needing to hire entry-level call center positions who would be answering questions from health plan members. Initial phone screens led to a great amount of wasted time. Recruiters had to play phone tag to schedule the interview, and valuable time was spent with candidates who weren’t ultimately a fit. The team wanted to reduce this initial candidate evaluation time, as well as its overall hiring cycle, while ensuring recruiters spent their time with the most viable candidates.

Results and Expansion

On-demand text interviewing was introduced as a pre-qualification process. Basic, preliminary questions, such as candidates’ salary requirements, possible start date, hours and availability were asked. Candidates with responses that fit within specific parameters passed this step and were invited to complete an on-demand interview.

As a result, the TA team experienced increased recruiter efficiency and was able to provide a quicker, positive initial candidate experience.

Recruiters got completed interviews back within hours, not days.

Recruiters no longer spend time reviewing candidates who were impressive but wouldn’t be hired because they couldn’t work weekends, or their salary requirements were too high.

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