How Montage empowers TIAA to tell their story and engage the modern candidate

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My name is Amaris McComas. I'm actually the Senior Director for Talent Acquisition at TIAA. My organization is a financial services firm and that focuses on ensuring that individuals such as teachers, non-profit leaders, have financial well-being after they actually decide to start working.

So as we looked at our process, we found that, number one, we have a branding opportunity. Our brand is not out there. Our brand has been historically embedded into more the non-profit space.

So we wanted to make sure we could reach candidates and tell them our story as a mission-driven organization. So another challenge that we have as an organization is our ability to be quick, our ability to actually move through the process quicker. Again, we haven't had a function for 10, 15 years, so we're now getting into the place where we have to be a little more efficient in how we manage our candidates in the whole experience.

So some of those challenges yielded to us identify Montage as a solution for enhancing our candidate experience for increasing the quality of hire and for ultimately becoming a much more efficient team and function that could operate at a lower cost.

What I would say, I've seen the biggest result is efficiency. When my recruiters come, you know, after a week and they say, "You know what? After using Montage, I've been able to talk to so many more people," or "I've been able to actually spend less time in scheduling an interview or, you know, a hundred interviews." So those are the wins that you ultimately want from a recruiting function for them to see how it's actually gonna help them become more efficient.

The biggest feedback I've received and my team has received with candidates is allowing them the opportunity to actually provide their feedback. So, in my instances doing talent acquisition, we don't have the ability to hear directly from candidates that are going through a process, unless they're hired. And I would say Montage, in this video technology, has changed that.

Today's modern candidate is definitely changing the game in recruiting. Their expectations are changing, their likes are changing what they want the employers to be able to provide them, you know, information at their fingertips, the visibility into their culture, their differentiators. We have to be slightly competitive, edgy, and I would say, digital. Otherwise, we're not touching a good portion of our population.

This is one of the reasons why, video interviewing technology specifically, why we work with Montage. Montage is able to provide us a foyer, a forum, by which we can talk to candidates in a more customized way. Even though we can't reach out to every single candidate and actually give them the opportunity to have a live voice person on the other side or even interviewing in person, this allows us to be able to still represent our brand in a way that's digestible to the consumer, in our case, our candidates, and, ultimately, increase the experience as a candidate going through our process.

This is why we use video technology and this is why we use Montage.

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