FedEx found a solution that is scalable and customizable with Montage

  • 95,000 team members
  • Moving 8 million packages every day in the US and Canada
  • More than 500 facilities and 50,000 vehicles

Recruiting challenges at FedEx

After streamlining their hiring process, FedEx found themselves overwhelmed with the number of phone calls their field representatives were having to make. FedEx needed a technology that would enable them to touch package handler applicants quickly and before they found work elsewhere.

The sooner we touch them, the more likely they are to become a hire. We need to find automation to ensure we can quickly touch them, and they can schedule their interview during a time that worked best for them.

Montage increases efficiency to free up valuable time

  • Decreased time to fill
  • Decreased time to the first contact resulting in a reduced number of applicants needed to fill positions

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