Improve your efficiency and candidate experience with Mira

Improve your efficiency and candidate experience with Mira
  1. The better candidate experience - Mira creates a fast, seamless, easy-to-use process for your candidates that puts the power in their hands and shows you respect their time.
  2. Focus on talent, not tasks - Let Mira handle the administrative work while you focus on candidate engagement and building your talent brand.
  3. Increased efficiency - Administrative and repetitive tasks can quickly bog you down, creating friction in the hiring process and reducing productivity. Mira removes these tasks so you can prioritize and focus on the most important work.
  4. Reduced time per hire - Mira removes delays in the hiring process, helps you engage top talent quickly and keeps the hiring process moving forward.

The Montage Platform: The single solution for accelerating quality hires

We partner with you to build the candidate experience that is right for you and your brand. We support all types of interviews, how you want them conducted, for all job types (professional, hourly, freelance), and for all positions, globally.

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The Better Candidate Experience

Today we’re all operating in the “age of the candidate” with every candidate expecting, more: Fairness and transparency, An equitable two-way street, high tech and a high touch experience.