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Removing inefficiency

The system, which includes one of the nation’s leading research institutions, supports Penn’s tripartite mission of providing the highest level of care to patients, conducting innovative research, and educating future leaders in the field of medicine – which the recruiting team takes to heart when considering candidates.

The Philadelphia area is an incredibly competitive environment in which to attract and keep top talent, especially for healthcare institutions. And, with Penn Medicine receiving a large number of applicants for each position, recruiters must keep up with their ongoing requisition load, and also build a pipeline of qualified candidates for future openings.

Based on its own internal study, Penn Medicine found that, on average, completing a phone interview took 45 minutes – including the time to identify a candidate, schedule the interview, and perform the interviewing call itself. Multiply that 45 minutes across 4,000-5,000 annual hires, and the need for increased efficiency became clear.

Every candidate who applies to Penn Medicine goes through an initial evaluation to ensure they meet the minimum job requirements.

Rather than scheduling and completing phone interviews with each candidate, Penn Medicine began working a Montage on-demand video interview into its workflow.

By utilizing Montage’s open invite capabilities, recruiters invite all qualified candidates to complete the on-demand video interview with one
email. “I joke with my VP that we interview while we sleep,” said Colleen Diercksen, Penn Medicine’s Director of Talent Acquisition Operations. “After sending the invites, we come in the next morning and have 30-70 completed interviews to review. We can quickly identify about half of those people to submit to our hiring managers. It speeds up the process, and it’s fun, too.”

The recruiter and hiring manager experience have improved significantly – rather than showing a hiring manager a dozen resumes, recruiters can now present a thorough profile of 3 to 5 highly qualified candidates.

“We’ve saved a considerable amount of time on the front end since the recruiter and hiring manager can work together on very targeted questions to ask in the on-demand interview,” said Diercksen. “And it’s simple for our managers to quickly assess candidates between patient times or time on the floor. A lot of our managers are not in front of computers all day long – we need to make it available on the fly for them.”


By using Montage to replace the traditional phone interview, the team found it could quickly move qualified candidates through the hiring process and better manage the high volume of requisitions.

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Year Over Year Improvements

End-to-end baggage process

Montage on-demand interview advantages

  • Efficient - invite multiple candidates through email or text
  • Increased number of completed interviews and better candidate evaluation
  • Improved recruiter and hiring manager experience